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N. Calvo Galve, A. Abrishamkar, A. Sorrenti, E. Coronado, A. J. deMello, G. Mínguez Espallargas, J Puigmartí-Luis. Unveiling pathway complexity in the growth of a spin-crossover MOF via engineered liquid-liquid interfacial reactions. Submitted                                                                                                 

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Ch. Hu, F. Aeschlimann, G. Chatzipirpiridis, J. Pokki, X. Chen, J. Puigmartí-Luis, B. J. Nelson, S. Pané. Spatiotemporally Controlled Electrodeposition of Magnetically Driven Micromachines Based on the Inverse Opal Architecture. Electrochem. Commun. 2017, 81, 97-101

Electrochem 2017

A. Abrishamkar, D. Rodríguez-San-Miguel, J. A. R. Navarro, R. Rodriguez-Trujillo, D. B. Amabilino, R. Mas-Ballesté, F. Zamora, A. deMello, J. Puigmartí-Luis*. Microfluidic-based synthesis of covalent organic frameworks (COFs): a tool for continuous production of COF fibers and direct printing on a surface. JoVE, 2017, doi: 10.3791/56020


D. Rodríguez-San-Miguel, A. Abrishamkar, J. A. R. Navarro, R. Rodriguez-Trujillo, D. B. Amabilino, R. Mas-Ballesté, F. Zamora, J. Puigmartí-Luis*. Crystalline Fibres of a Covalent Organic Framework through bottom-up Microfluidic Synthesis. Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 9212-9215

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Outside back-cover of the journal

M. Riba-Moliner, A. Gómez-Rodríguez, D. B. Amabilino, J. Puigmartí-Luis, A. González-Campo. Functional supramolecular tetrathiafulvalene-based films with mixed valences states.  Polymer, 2016, 103, 251-260

Microsoft Word - GraphicalAbstract

M. Rubio-Martínez, I. Imaz, N. Domingo, A. Abrishamkar, T. Sotto Mayor, R. Rossi, C. Carbonell, A. J. deMello, D. B. Amabilino, D. Maspoch, J. Puigmartí-Luis*. Freezing the non-classic crystal growth of a coordination polymer employing controlled dynamic gradients. Adv. Mater., 2016, 28, 8150–8155

Senza titolo

A. Sorrenti, R. Rodriguez, D. B. Amabilino, J. Puigmartí-Luis*. Millieconds make the difference in the far-from-equilibrium self-assembly of supramolecular chiral nanostructures. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 6920–6923

JACS 2016

A. Abrishamkar, M. Paradinas, E. Bailo, R. Rodriguez-Trujillo, R. Pfattner, R. M. Rossi, C. Ocal, A. J. deMello, D. B. Amabilino, J. Puigmartí-Luis*. Microfluidic pneumatic cages: a novel approach for in-chip crystal trapping, manipulation and controlled chemical treatment. JoVE, 2016, 138, 6920-6923


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ChemCom 2015

G. Yazgan, A. M. Popa, R. M. Rossi, K. Maniura, J. Puigmartí-Luis, D. Crespy, G. Fortunato. Tunable release of hydrophilic compounds from hydrophobic nanostructured fibers prepared by emulsion electrospinning Polymer. Polymer, 2015, 66, 268-276

Polymer 2015

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J. Puigmartí-Luis*, M. Paradinas, E. Bailo, R. Rodriguez-Trujillo, R. Pfattner, C. Ocal, D. B. Amabilino. Bottom-up on-crystal in-chip formation of a conducting salt and a view of its restructuring: From organic insulator to conducting ‘switch’ through microfluidic manipulation. Chem. Sci. 2015, 6, 3471-3477

ChemSci 2015

G. Chatzipirpiridis, A. Sanoria, O. Ergeneman, J. Sort, J. Puigmartí-Luis, B. J. Nelson, E. Pellicer, S. Pané. The electrochemical manipulation of apolar solvent drops in aqueous electrolytes by altering the surface polarity of polypyrrole architectures. Electrochem. Commun. 2015, 54, 32-35

ElettrochemCommun 2015


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NanoLett 2014

J. Puigmartí-Luis*, M. Rubio-Martinez, I. Imaz, B. Cvetkovic, Ll. Abad, A. Perez del Pino, D. Maspoch, D. B. Amabilino. Localized, Stepwise Template Growth of Functional Nanowires from an Amino Acid-Supported Framework in a Microfluidic Chip. ACS Nano, 2014, 8, 818-826

ACSNano 2014

J. Puigmartí-Luis*. Microfluidic platforms; a mainstream technology for the preparation of crystals. Chem. Soc. Rev. 2014, 43, 2253-2271 

Paper Highlighted in “Highlights from the Flow Chemistry Literature 2014” by Toma N. Glasnov. (click here)

ChemSocRew 2014

J. Puigmartí-Luis, W. J. Saletra, A. González, D. B. Amabilino, Ll. Pérez-García. Bottom-up assembly of surface-anchored supramolecular rotor enabled using a mixed self-assembled monolayer. Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 82-84.

RSoChem 2014


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ACSNano 2013


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ChemCom 2012


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JACS 2011

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JACS 2011 2

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SoftMatter 2011

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JControlRelease 2011


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LabChip 2011


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LabChip 2010

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AdvMater 2010 cover

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SoftMatter 2010

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OrgBioChem 2010

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JMatChem 2010


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JMatChem 2009

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ChemCom 2008

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Angewandte 2008

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CheSocRev 2008

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ChemCom 2008 2


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Science Highlight, Science-AAAS Editors’ Choice 22 September 2006; 313 (5794).

JACS 2006
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